Art & Worship

Why is a Church interested in Art?

Ta-coumba Aiken (right) discusses his works with young artist, Franklin Dempsey-Hess.

Ta-coumba Aiken (right) discusses his works with young artist Franklin Dempsey-Hess.

Our Creator sculpted the Earth, painted the sky, and sings to us in the wind. Creation and creating through art is an expression of spirit through the artist. We celebrate this expression in all its forms.

Each spring and fall, Cherokee Park United hosts an art show.  We are a part of the St Paul Art Crawl, but our art shows extend beyond art crawl weekend.  The public is invited to view the art on Art Crawl weekend, on Sundays, or by appointment.


Christina Plaza-Ruiz takes questions about her paintings and mixed media works.

Any time you visit, you will see works of art hanging on our walls from one of these shows, or from our permanent collection.

Whether a particular piece has an explicitly religious subject (like the Beatitudes painted in several languages), explores an everyday moment (like a mom and daughter choosing flowers at the Farmers’ Market), or reflects an abstract expression of a wordless idea, we find that surrounding ourselves with many different kinds of works from many different artists enhances our worship experience in innumerable ways.

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