Earth Justice Sunday

Butter flyEarth Justice Sunday will be celebrated at Cherokee Park United Church on
Sunday, April 26 as part of 10:15 a.m. morning worship.  Scripture, song, prayers
and message will all invite us into a celebrating God’s gift of creation and our
shared responsibility for this gift.  Morning worship will be followed by a
vegetarian potluck.

An earth justice focus will continue on Sunday, May 3 from 9 – 10 a.m.
during the  Families Exploring Spirituality hour .  All ages are invited to come together
for a focus on care for Mother Earth, led by Kay Myhrman-Toso and Winnie
Williams.  The specific focus will be, Food, Glorious Food!  Come celebrate Earth
Day as we have fun exploring ways we can help care for God’s creation and the
food we grow and eat.  Expect stories, games, an art project and perhaps some
digging in the dirt! We are Buzzing with excitement, hoping you’ll make plans to
Bee there!

Adult Forum: A Discussion of Wendell Berry’s Book “Our Only World, Ten Essays”

Our Only WorldThe CPUC Sunday Morning Adult Forum (9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.) is an opportunity for participants to engage more deeply questions of faith, belief, theology and ethics.  Framed around the theological elbow room of Progressive Christianity, the Adult Forum invites questions.

On Sunday, April 12, the Adult Forum will begin a discussion of Wendell Berry’s book “Our Only World, Ten Essays”.  All are welcome.  Chapters will be provided for any requesting them by contacting Pastor Tim Johnson at [email protected]  Books are available through Amazon.  Cherokee Park United Church is committed to care for the earth and this conversation is just one more opportunity to deepen that commitment.

From the jacket:  “The planet’s environmental problems respect no national boundaries. From soil erosion and population displacement to climate change and failed energy policies, American governing classes are paid by corporations to pretend that debate is the only democratic necessity and that solutions are capable of withstanding endless delay. Late Capitalism goes about its business of finishing off the planet. And we citizens are left with a shell of what was once proudly described as The American Dream.

In this new collection of ten essays, Berry confronts head-on the necessity of clear thinking and direct action. Never one to ignore the present challenge, he understands that only clearly stated questions support the understanding their answers require. For more than fifty years we’ve had no better spokesman and no more eloquent advocate for the planet, for our families, and for the future of our children and ourselves.”

The Journey of Faithful Love

Palm/Passion Sunday, April 9, 10:15 a.m.Journey
Maundy Thursday, April 13, 7 p.m.
Easter Sunday, April 16, 10:15 a.m.
with Easter Breakfast: 8:30 a.m. to 9:15 a.m.

“The cross points to the love that so endured in Jesus for the poorest and most powerless of his people that he found the strength to go to Jerusalem to confront the holders of false power in his nations.  It points to the love that so lived in Gandhi and Archbishop Oscar Romero, in civil rights activists Rosa Parks, and in countless other who, knowing the likely cost of their passion for justice…nevertheless continued on their chosen pathway.  It is a love that we have experienced in those who have been most faithful to us in our families and friendships and that we most long for in the midst of brokenness and fragmentation in our lives and our world”.

from page, 107 “The Rebirthing of God” by John Philip Newell

Challenging Biblical Narratives of Genocide

Monday,  April 13, 6:30 – 9:00p.mnativeconcentrationcamp_wText
A Free Genocide  Awareness Month Event
Explore the enduring impact  of Biblically sanctioned
Look  at counter    narratives   that challenge the theology of genocide.
Edwin Schenk (Lac View Desert Ojibwa/Cheyenne   River Sioux) is Director of the T.J.Jones Library at North Central  University and holds a Master of Arts degree  in Old Testament from Luther Seminary  in Saint Paul, Minnesota.   Edwin is a convert  to
Pentecostal  Christianity  who has roots in traditional  Lakota life.
Dr. Chris Mato  Nunpa  is a Dakota  Elder and  retired  Associate  Professor of
Indigenous  Nations & Dakota  Studies at Southwest Minnesota  State University. He is
currently  finishing his first book  titled   – WOSICA TANKA KIN, “THE GREAT EVIL”:
Dr. Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer is an associate professor who teaches justice and
peace  studies at the University of St.Thomas in St. Paul. He has written more than a
dozen books, including Jesus Against Christianity, Violence  in the Bible and the Quran;
and Saving Christianity from Empire.
371 W. Baker St., St. Paul, MN 55107

Celebrating the life of Archbishop Oscar Romero

Saturday and Sunday, March 21-22:
We will recognize the 35th Anniversary of the Resurrection of Archbishop Oscar Romero with events on both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, from 6:30-8:30 p.m., “ Meeting the Martyr – Oscar Romero” will be presented, in which we will learn why the Roman Catholic Church has recognized Romero as a martyr, a significant step toward sainthood, and discover the story behind the Misa Popular Salvadorean which provides the musical structure for the People’s Mass.

Pastor Porfirio Martinez will return from his recent visit to El Salvador with a copy of a new film created by Fr. Angel Renderos Diaz of the Romero Foundation, in preparation of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Romero’s birth to be held in 2017. Padre Angel is the much-loved El Salvadoran priest who worked with Mons. Romero and visited us last year. Also, he plans to join us by Skype on Sunday during lunch…with his guitar! We anticipate seeing excerpts from his film as well as Pastor Porfirio’s own account of the events that led to the assassination of Archbishop Romero and why we now celebrate his resurrection.

At our regular Sunday worship service, music of the Misa Popular Salvadorena will be provided by El Espiritu del Milagro and the CPUC choir. Our preacher for the day will be The Rev. Don Christensen. Pastor Porfirio Martinez and Pastor Tim Johnson will officiate at a special Communion service. The whole service will be given in Spanish and English.

Following worship there will be a fund- raising lunch of Salvadoran chicken and rice, salad and dessert. The suggested donation is $8 and proceeds will be donated to support the Communidades Construyendo Esperanza (Communities Building Hope) partnership with our brothers and sisters in Ostuma, El Salvador.

Please extend a hearty invitation to family, friends, neighbors – anyone who wishes to learn about and celebrate the remarkable life of Archbishop Oscar Romero.

Leader’s Retreat

Council members, ministry chairs and other leaders, as well as all interested members and friends are invited to spend time together at the beautiful ARC retreat center Friday-Saturday, February 27-28 to visualize and dream how God is, and will be rebirthed into our chtheRebithingofGodurch community and beyond. Please call for details and register by February 1.

Mardi Gras Celebration

Adults are invited to join the first annual Mardi Gras Celebration held by Cherokee Park United Church on Saturday, February 14, 7-11p.m. at the church.

The Mardi Gras Celebration will be featuring live Dixieland and Mardi Gras music, mardigrasdancing, and a full spread of Cajun, Creole, and Brazilian foods. Tickets ($12) purchased before February 7 are eligible for a special door prize drawing. Events include mask-making and stage humor; costumes are welcomed and encouraged. For tickets contact Okogyeamon at 612-558-0452.

Queer Gadfly Theatre Productions

queerCherokee Park United Church will host QUEER!, a Gadfly Theater production, on Saturday, January 24, 7:30 p.m. The suggested donation is $10. Written in house by Gadfly Theatre founders Immanuel Elliott & Cassandra Snow, Queer! brings you the shockingly true stories of love, hate and acceptance from, by and about members all along the GLBTQA* spectrum. From coming out to coming to terms, QUEER! examines what it takes to forge a community and what we do to fit in in a society that tells us we don’t.
Gadfly Theatre Productions is entering our FIFTH season of queer, feminist art.

This passionately progressive organization produces queer, feminist art that everyone can laugh, cry, and relate too. We are starting our FIFTH SEASON highlighting the stories and issues relevant to women and LGBTQIA* persons, and this year we’re taking the PlayGround to a macabre place featuring mainstage events that either parody or ascribe noir, Gothic, and horror genres.