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Cherokee Park United Church is an instrument of God’s love for each generation.

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Children and Youth Sunday School
Every child and adolescent needs to know that they are loved by God, and know how express that love in the world. We have a comprehensive curriculum that’s designed to experientially engage the particular needs and ages of our younger generation. We endeavor to create experiences that involve our senses and imagination along with our intellect.

Our Sunday School rotation includes age specific classroom instruction and interactive multi-generational learning experiences. Each month of our program year offers:

  • K-3rd grade is all about discovering familiar and not so familiar stories within the Bible. Scripture is a fundamental building block to faith formation. Through story, we learn about our Judeo-Christian tradition and the many ways God is present in our world.
  • 4th-8th grade focuses upon making connections between scripture and our everyday lives.  The students often choose topics in which they have an interest such as homelessness, bullying, care of the earth and prayer. Seasons of the Spirit, a progressive Christian curriculum which unpacks the designated scripture readings used in worship each Sunday, is a resource.
  • Families Exploring Spirituality is an all age (and all inclusive “family”) workshop that delves into a particular aspect of our faith practice. Topics may include Christian worship, the sacraments, images of Jesus, and Seasons of the Church Year.
  • Music and liturgy presents a song that will be sung in the day’s worship. The global nature of our worship music reflects our being in relationship with all God’s people. Children and youth learn not only how to sing the song but they learn a little bit about the country, where it is, and get to glimpse how others sing God’s praises.
  • Teens assist with Sunday School and Nursery leadership. They also participate in activities beyond the Sunday School hour.
  • The CPUC Youth Group meets monthly for both fun and service.

The following programs are offered on a non-annual basis.

  • Our Whole Lives (OWL) is an acclaimed Christian sexuality curriculum developed and managed by the United Church of Christ and Unitarian Universalist denominations. Adults must go through special training before being able to lead OWL activities and classes.
  • Confirmation is an opportunity to find one’s own language and expression of Christian faith through the guidance of our Senior Pastor and adult mentors. We understand faith formation to be a life long journey, not an arrival to an established destination.

Children and Youth At Worship

All are welcome in the sanctuary with their families and friends. We regularly involve children and youth in the service through music, drama, and special events such as the “Boycott Blues,” a re-telling of the Rosa Parks story using music and life size puppets.

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