Faith in Action

Living out our faith in the decisions we make is central to the life of our church. We try to do this in many ways.

  • We accept God’s call to be stewards of Creation.
    In 2012, CPUC dedicated the largest solar panel installation on any church at that time in Minnesota. Our investment of time, money and sweat into this effort means that we actually produce clean energy for the grid rather than drawing energy from fossil fuel burning. Made in the image of God, so that we can learn to better resemble God, we must leave God’s Creation a cleaner and more sustainable Earth for the next generation.You can view a live break down of how much energy we’re consuming versus how much electricity we’re contributing to the power grid.
  • We are an actively “anti-racist” church.
    Our church’s Anti-racism Team (AR Team) works within the church and often partners with our Justice & Witness Ministry on projects to overcome the historic and contemporary wounds of institutional racism.  A fuller description of the congregation’s anti-racism/multicultural commitments may be found on the Anti-racist, Multicultuarl Commitment page.  Cherokee Park United Church is honored to collaborate with and serve as a Fiscal Agent for Minnesota’s ASDIC (Anti-racism Study Dialog Intersection Circle) Partnership. Most elders of our church participate or have participated in ASDIC training.
  • We proclaim the universal love of God and reject the idea that hate, homophobia, or heterosexism has any legitimate place in Christianity.
    We are proud of the United Church of Christ’s open and affirming philosophy and whole heartedly support the Presbyterian Church USA’s “More Light” movement to ensure that all God’s children, whether gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or straight, have no artificial barrier between them and full participation in every aspect of the life of the church. In 2012, we were dedicated supporters of the effort to defeat the anti-marriage amendment. In the spring of 2013, we celebrated the day when marriage equality passed in Minnesota.  God’s law is love, and now love is the law. Read more about our commitment to LGBT issues.
  • We recognize that every child has a God given right to knowledge and love.
    Since 1989 CPUC has sponsored “Building Blocks” tutorial. In partnership with the Saint Paul School District, Building Blocks provides free after school tutoring to elementary school students on the West Side of Saint Paul. Tutoring provides the kids the help they need to break the cycle of poverty. Tutoring provides the tutors the opportunity to learn the joy of living out God’s love.
  • We pray for peace, and work for peace. 
    For many years  CPUC has sponsored the Peace Camp / West Side Youth Farm, a program that teaches children the tools of anti-violence. We also partner with our brothers and sisters in El Salvador, and each year celebrate the life, assassination, and resurrection in Jesus of Monsignor Oscar Romero, who was martyred speaking out against violence and oppression, speaking truth to power.
  • We are all one in Christ, neither male nor female.
    The Great I AM transcends human conceptions of gender. Thus, CPUC rejects gendered depictions of the Creator in our prayers and liturgy. CPUC partners with other congregations in Saint Paul to teach the “Our Whole Lives” (OWL) curriculum to our children. We teach our children to feel respected and respectful, not dirty. We want our children to know that our sexuality is a gift from God, and teach them how to make good decisions throughout their lives.

Mission Statement for Cherokee Park United Church:
Cherokee Park United Church is called to a life of compassionate justice and to embody the boundless love of Jesus. We confess that communities of faith have not always celebrated the dignity and joyful diversity of all God’s creation. Therefore, we declare Cherokee Park United Church to be an inclusive, multicultural, anti-racist, justice-seeking, environmentally responsible community of faith. We seek a new humanity where sexual orientation, age, gender, culture or differing abilities are no longer a barrier to our living in just relationship. To fulfill our mission we will turn to the Holy Spirit and to each other with our questions and for our answers.

We specifically affirm and welcome into the full life, worship and leadership of the church those who have been and are excluded by the barriers of human creation. We covenant with those congregations declaring themselves “More Light” (Presbyterian) and “Open and Affirming” (United Church of Christ) as we give witness to God’s just and life giving Realm in the church and in the world.

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