Looking Ahead

God’s word is alive. God will always have something new to say to us. In September, the Adult Forum will study resume with the study of Ecclesiastes. The purpose of the┬áLISTEN UP! Bible Study┬áseries is not simply learning information about the Bible. You will be encouraged to listen: listen to the Bible, listen to your own questions and responses, and listen to the honest sharing among participants in the study group. Read ahead this summer!

Ecclesiastes LISTEN UP! Bible Study
Sometimes considered the most curmudgeonly and cynical of all the books of the Bible, Ecclesiastes is also praised for telling it like it is. It addresses eternal problems that have always troubled human society: the problem of pain, the fruitlessness of overwork, the vanity of ambition, the age of anxiety, the fear of death and being forgotten. Ecclesiastes reminds us that these are not 21st century problems.

This book of wisdom also reminds us that the great joys in life are fairly simple: snuggling under the covers, having close friends and/or a sweetheart, sunlight, rest, eating good food and drinking good wine, and a good day’s work. It offers soothing certainty about what it means to enjoy the good life: waiting, expecting, with open arms, to receive day by day the good things that come from God.

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